The importance of will-power is recognized by most people, yet few deliberately give any time or thought to its development. Learning how to build and direct our will-power is a fundamental requirement for increasing the mighty power of our self-confidence.

Strengthening your will-power will confer many advantages and great power.

Think deeply upon the satisfaction that will come to you from doing things definitely and promptly, and the increased self-confidence that will surely follow from the habit of finishing everything that you undertake in a thorough manner. Not only will developing a strong, well-directed will-power give you a daily advantage, it can also help you to realize your life’s ambition.

There are many things we desire to avoid - such as poverty, pain, misfortune, and ill health; while there are things we much desire to have - such as wealth, power, knowledge, and independence. It is, however, the intensity of our desire that counts for most.

Here is an example...

"I desire to become a good tennis player," says one.

"How strong is your desire?" asks the teacher. "Will you practice regularly every day for an hour?!"

"I don’t think I can," says the student, "because I am too busy during the day, and at night I am too tired."

"What personal sacrifices are you ready to make?"

"None," is the answer.

"Then," replies the teacher, "your desire is not strong enough to make you a good tennis player."

Now sometimes an idea must be repeated many times before an enduring impression can be made upon your mind.

This is illustrated in modern methods of advertising. The first time you see an announcement, it may not impresses you. But if it is repeated again and again, in newspaper, magazine, television - there is a magic number of impressions that will lead you to become a purchaser.

Mental habits are established in the same way. A suggestion is made to your mind once, twice, a hundred, or a thousand times. Some day this repeated suggestion will become a fixed habit, and fulfill its duty subconsciously. Simple reiteration is a very powerful tool. For example, if a shy person were to repeat aloud for a few minutes daily, with earnestness and concentration, a list of words such as courage, valor, bravery, gallantry, intrepidity, pluck, backbone, and audacity - he or she would shortly find these qualities being incorporated in his or her own personality.

We must be particularly careful about outside influences (the Dark Side for us Star Wars fans).

Once a certain course of conduct is decided upon after mature consideration, we must block out and not yield to the interposition of negative people and naysayers who advise an altogether different course. Many people that tell you something won't work or otherwise attempt to divert you from pursuing your goal, only do so because they too would like to attempt the same or a similar goal - but do not have the will-power strong enough to overcome their fear of failure.

We each have a personal responsibility to make the most of ourselves here and now.

Our will-power, no less than our other powers, is given to us for intelligent development. As we realize this divine responsibility, we shall see the vital importance of willpower and make an increasing effort to build it for high and definite ends. "The education of the will," says Dr. Morell, "is really of far greater importance, for shaping the destiny of the individual, than that of the intellect; and it should never be lost sight of by the practical educator.

The fatal habit of procrastination should be fought persistently.

You must do things promptly, clearly, and systematically! Instead of permitting ideas, plans, and goals to lie about the mind in confusion, like scattered papers on an untidy desk, they should be classified, "pigeon-holed," and put into their proper places. Then take them one at a time; give them due consideration, and
complete them in a satisfactory and orderly fashion. Doing things gradually in this way, strengthens the will-power and, at length, renders it capable of great achievement.

To begin is often half the battle. Don't say "I shall start tomorrow," forgetting that "tomorrow" never comes. For many people, procrastination has conspired to fritter away a whole lifetime in needless and unproductive tasks - due not to lack of ability, but due to weakness of will-power. Goethe says: "Seize this very minute. Whatever you can do or dream - you can begin it."

It is surprising how difficulty yields before a strong and earnest will-power.

A little more resolution and effort, a determination "to do or die," and the seemingly impossible is accomplished. "Where there is a will, there is a way," is still true. No one should allow temporary failure to disarm or discourage him or her. A "too easy" success would hardly be worth the winning. It is the realization of difficulties overcome, of opposition conquered, and of great heights scaled that bring satisfaction to the mind and joy to the heart of the victor.

If you have read this far, then you definitely realize that developing your will-power is a fundamental requirement for increasing the mighty power of our self-confidence.

-How strong is your desire to acquire this great power?
-Is it strong enough to lead you carefully to read more suggestions and to put them into actual practice?
-Will you enter upon this study with intense earnestness and perseverance?
-Will you make reasonable sacrifice to achieve this great end?

Your answers to these questions will largely determine what your success will be. In fact, I have come to believe that without strong will-power and self-confidence, it will very difficult to be very successful at anything.

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