Hey! Jogging is easy

So you've never done any running before, or you're just starting out? Then
congratulations, this is just the book for you. Why is that? Because it deals
clearly and in depth with that ticklish point that gets overlooked far too often:
the beginning.
Before long you'll know why it's wrong to think that jogging is easy only
for other people. Be patient, and before long it will be just as easy for you. And you'll
be surprised to find that when your conscience complains "Do something!" it will no
longer be fobbed off with excuses like "I don't have enough time" or "I just can't seem
to budge."

My object in writing this book was to put technical jargon into plain and lively
language - I don't want my book to put you to sleep
. This makes it stand out amongst
other books on jogging. And because I didn't want to bore you, I've avoided the dry-as-dust
approach to theoretical questions. On the contrary, they sparkle and come to life. And before
you reach the end you'll be surprised to discover that Hey! Jogging is easy!
Winni Mühlbauer