Is Sexting Cheating? – Understanding the Concept

Submitted by: Joey Maldonado

There is one question which is being asked by men and women all over the world and that is, “Is sexting cheating?” There are several concepts that require clarification before understanding whether sexting is cheating or not. It may happen that someday you suddenly come across a text message from an unknown number on your spouse’s cell phone and find that the message has a sexual intention attached! What are you going to do? It is pretty much obvious that you will be confronting your spouse or partner about the same and you will generally end up getting any of the following answers:

- It is a colleague from the work place trying to pull leg or,

- This is a message from a person registered with a funny sexting website and that your partner just want to check out about the website with no bad intentions and that the person who sent the message to him or her has never met in person.

It is pretty obvious from the above two answers that there is something suspicious and the question, “is sexting cheating?”, continues to ring in your mind! What if the person sending sexual text messages to your partner or spouse just for fun? On the contrary, it can also be true. It is also possible that the text message was actually send by someone from one of those sexting site which are run for fun! No matter what, there is always an element of fear present. May be, your spouse actually never met the person but how long it takes to do so? The possibilities can never be ruled out.

It may have been just one message that you came across! There might have been series of sexually exciting messages exchanged between the two or there might have been exchange of nude and semi nude photos! Even if there was no intention of infidelity, the very thought of the possibilities gave you pain out of insecurity. It is the insecurity out of the fear of losing exclusive right over your partner. You will never want that to have and the very thought of the same will take you through pain. Thus, since sexting texting takes you through pain, it is emotional betrayal and hence, it is cheating. The sexter may not have any intentions of getting physical not but the possibility of the same in close future cannot be ruled out!

Those who are caught sexting are found to come up with the argument that they never intended physical contact and that everything was just fun! However, in the whole process, they forget that they have broken the trust, which by itself in an emotional betrayal and as mentioned earlier, the future possibilities of physical contact cannot be ruled out, sexting can never be taken lightly. So, if you ask, “is sexting cheating?”, the answer definitely is a “yes” because the very thought of losing your partner inflicts emotional pain, which if not more that physical infidelity, is not less as well!

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