Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatments: What To Do When That First
There comes a time in everybody’s life when we start to consider the implications of growing old and the possibilities of using one of the many different anti-aging treatments that are available. Coincidentally, this time of life is usually around the same time we discover our first wrinkle or laughter line. These first signs normally become apparent in your 30s or 40s if you are lucky and while that is the first time we will be likely to consider using anti-aging treatment, we really should start using it earlier than this. By keeping our skin healthy from an earlier age we are at least prolonging the aging effect as long as possible.

If you do leave it until the very first signs of wrinkles it is possible to still do something about it. When the first wrinkles do materialise, don’t ignore them. Denial is the worst possible move at this point. Application of a good anti-aging cream may help remove some of the wrinkles and stop new lines forming.

How do anti-aging products work?
Good anti-aging treatments are far from being a miracle cream, and contain vital nutrients and vitamins that are proven to help rejuvenate the skin. Most contain Retinol, a form of Vitamin A that has proven in recent studies to have a considerable rejuvenating effect on aging skin.

Other types of treatment use different chemicals and vitamins to improve the look of your aging skin.

The collagen molecules in skin begin to break down as we age and this is what creates the wrinkles and lines on our faces. Most anti-aging creams are only able to contain partial collagen molecules because they are too large to enter the skin by use of a lotion. Hydroderm have developed the patented Collagen Infusion Delivery System. This innovative formula delivers entire collagen molecules into the skin, which give a healthy and rejuvenated glow taking away the wrinkles and lines associated with old age.

Dermabrasion is one of the oldest known treatments, developed in 105 by a German dermatologist. Originally created for the treatment of acne scars, it has been successfully used for many decades to remove many forms of skin abrasions and can even be used for the safe removal of tattoos. Dermabrasion patients do suffer a certain amount of rawness and slight pain in their faces once the treatment is complete and an opaque yellow fluid drains from the sites but this is perfectly normal and should be expected. The scabs that this liquid leaves can easily be removed with wet cloths.

Surgeons who carry out laser Dermabrasion insist it is a far superior form of Dermabrasion because the use of the laser facilitates much more accuracy and, therefore, better results.

Microdermabrasion utilises a fine mist of crystals that smoothen the skin and a vacuum action that removes dead outer layers of skin giving you smooth, soft surface alleviating the appearance of aging skin.

Microdermabrasion treats sun damaged skin, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines and just about every type of aging skin problem you may face. An entire program of Microdermabrasion can take as little as half an hour to complete and there is little discomfort and no side effects. Any skin colour can be treated and upon completion of the program the user can return to a normal daily life.

On the discovery of Microdermabrasion several years ago, it was first necessary to go to a professional dermatologist in order to receive the treatment however, now you can buy a home Microdermabrasion kit so you can do it yourself from the comfort of your own home.

The appearance of aging skin is an inevitable symptom of modern living. The increasing toxins in today’s society act like poisons upon our skin. This in turn causes acne and nasty abrasions to the skin that can be difficult to get rid of.

Dermatological studies have been conducted with many nutrients and vitamins and these can be used to help prevent the aging process. Botox and other such harsh treatments can be avoided with the use of creams or delicate dermatological procedures.

Dermabrasion, Microdermabrasion and Hydroderm are excellent examples of these. They are widely available either through chemists or, in the case of laser Dermabrasion from a dermatologist through your local hospital.

Using any of these treatments can help alleviate the appearances associated with aging and the toxins in modern society. The key is to start taking care of your skin at the earliest possible opportunity. © 2005 Jenna Keys

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