And what should I answer to all this women and men?
Winni Muehlbauer (Author)

Linda C. K.

I just spent the last few minutes reading your jogging
information. It sounds so wonderful. On my own I
just started a jogging regiment with the help of some
other website information. I will be 43 years old on
April 12, and over the last 4-5 years have picked up about
15 unwanted pounds. I am an avid power-walker, but un-
fortunately even walking 45 minutes a day 3-4 days a week,
has barely moved the scales at all over the last year.
I eat pretty well, but I have enjoyed sweets and breads way
too much. I am currently trying to cut out a lot of the fat in my
diet. I am a born-again christian mother of three girls, and I
believe that God has a plan and jogging is in that plan. I
have tried it numerous times, only to fizzle out in exhaustion,
just as your excerpts mentioned, and quit within 2-3 tries.

I have been using my treadmill as the cold and inclimate weather
here in central New York is so unpredictable. I start out walking
at a fast pace for about 10 minutes, then jog for 3 minutes rest for 2
minutes, then jog for three more through the remaining 25 minutes,
and walk the last 5 minutes of the total 30 minute jaunt. It has
working out pretty well. I jog very slowly, and I am surprised that
I am able to hold up as well as I have. This is my first week, and I
will probably finish this week doing this rountine 5 days of the seven.
Perhaps next week I will try the 5 minute-5 minute thing.

Can I get your book here in the states? Can I just order
it from you? Help!!!!! You've got me intriqued and
curious!! Thanks, and I hope to here from you soon.
A Potential Jogger,
Linda ...


I have read the information that you have put on the internet about your
book and I am truely interested in purchasing a copy. Your book sounds
wonderful. I haven't been able to find any information about the best
way to start jogging and your book sounds like just what I am looking
for. Please let me know where to find a copy of your book, I would
greatly apprieciate it!
Thank You,
Patty ...


Thank you
I am a 36 year old midwifery student here in England and have
decided to work on becoming fit again. I am so so glad I found
your page as reading it has given me inspiration to take up
running again. I am still only running 25 minutes each morning
but already feel my energy levels increasing.
If your book had been published in England I know for
sure I would have ordered it not only for myself but for
my friends too. I do hope you find a publisher soon you
deserve it.
Thankyou for such uplifting and useful information
regards Ella


How can I obtain a copy of your book in English? I like the excerpt
you've put on the web, and ran my first 10 minutes yesterday. I have
the added complication of wanting to train three dogs to run with me,
but we'll all just take it slow and easy, and build up gradually, as you
suggest. I know from other attempts to start exercising how right you
are when you say to start slowly.


Your book is exactly what I'm looking for!
Please send information on how to order a
copy and the price.
Can't wait to hear from you!


Dear Sir,
I have just read the preface and review of your book. I am a 25 year old male in
the Army National Guard. My job depends on my ability to pass a physical
training test every year. And every year I struggle with the running portion..
This summer I have the opportunity to go to Germany with a select few soldiers
in my unit, however I must pass the physical training test before I go as a pre- .
requesit. I would never be able to forgive myself for not being able to go to
Germany just because I failed the run. I have been running a lot lately trying
and trying to get my breathing right but I just cant. I am very interested in getting
your book to learn more on running techniques and breathing.
Please let me know how I can get your book.
Thank You,
Arthur W. J.


When are you going to publish in the United States?


I just started reading your Internet page on
running - so far you have captured my full attention.
I am EXCITED to start running today once I get home!
I hope to turn this into a life long passion.
Ana M.


My name is J. and I just found your website and am very interested. I
have been taking a jogging class and can now jog (slowly) for 30 minutes.
The first week of class I could barely jog a lap or two. Anyhow, the class is
ending soon and I don't want to lose the motivation or excitement about
jogging. I haven't gotten good at pacing myself yet and I always run besides
the instructor because she lets me know if I am doing anything wrong. I have
only been able to run alongside her for the last month as I was not able to
jog the 8-9 laps I can now jog in the 30 minutes at the track. ( I told you I
jogged very slowly ).

I want to keep jogging, I am only 22 years old but I have never liked jogging
at all my whole life until this class. Until four years ago I never thought I
needed to have an exercise plan because I wasn't overweight. Now I
am and I have decided that dieting hasn't helped me; rather it has
made it worse and I need to be committed and become fit for life not
only for tomorrow.

I just get bored jogging alone and it seems everyone has an excuse not to jog...
I just bought a walkman and I do enjoy jogging at the beach but how can I track
my distance? I can keep track of the time but I would like to know how much
faster I am getting as well without always running in circles at the track (it seems
the more laps I can do the more it feels like I'm in one of those rat tracks).
Hopefully you can help me with some ideas... maybe they are in your book.

Is your book available here in the U.S.? I am in Santa Barbara, California.
Thank you for your patience in reading this lengthy message.

I found other sites but they were not as interesting or straight forward as
yours. Please write back if you can help me or with any more information about
your book.
Thanks again,


Hi, I am a 28 year old mother of two boys. I used to jog in high school but
stopped when I had my first child. Now years later I really want to jog
again, however, I had no idea how to start until I read your site. It was
very informative for someone like me. I printed it out but would love to
have a copy of your book. Is there a way I could order a copy from you? I
really wish you luck in finding a U.S. publisher. As a fourth year nursing
student I have first hand knowledge of what a lack of physical fitness can
do to a person. A lot of people in the U.S. could really benefit from your


I have read all of whats on your website from your book and have
started running. I'm up to the 15 minute mark, 1st time night before
last, and I would really like to order your book from you if possible.

Like you said I too have tried running in the past and would go
full blast for about 3 minutes before having to stop to bend over
and gasp for air. It was something I never thought I could enjoy,
but since I'm now 33 years old the pounds are showing and are much
harder to shed. I stumbled across your webpage and was captivated!

I am doing well, taking it very slowly, and concentrating on my
breathing. My first 15 minutes was exciting! I felt great afterwards
and even caught myself smiling with satisfaction during my run.
You are a very inspirational person, and it takes alot in a person
to inspire me! Thank you and please let me know about ordering
your very special book.
Jamie G.


How can I get a copy of your book?
It sounds so pleasant. Please send me
info on from where I can purchase it
and how much it costs.
thank you.


To whom it may concern,
I found your webpage! The introduction convinced me to go for a 10
minutes run this morning! Can I buy your book in Australian


Dear Winni,
I have been trying to get back into jogging but without much success. I am
47 yrs old and I always give up after a couple of days because I tend to
push myself to far to quickly.
I am in a new relationship and we have been together for the last 10 months
and I have put on a couple of kilo's which I am desperate to loose and get
fit, where can I get your book? is it avaliable at all. I have had a
librarian check the international data base but she could find no reference
to it, please let me know where I can get your book and how much would it
be, after reading your web site I was so inspired by your advice I went
straight out and bought new joggers and went for a ten minute jog after
getting home from work.

Please help me with any information regarding your book.
Thank you


Dear Winni Muehlbauer,

I have just quit smoking and I am very interested in
beginning a run/jog regimen. Needless to say I have
been out of shape for about five years now. I am not
too over weight by my height standards five feet four
inches at about 130 pounds. I know that I will start to
pack on the pounds quickly though. I came across
your web page and I am very interested in
purchasing your book. I cannot read or understand
German, and I am not sure if it has been published
here in the United States. If it is possible please
send me some information on your publication.
Nicole K.


My name is Darby. I have read the online part of your book called, "Jogging is Easy". I truely got
a lot out of your words. I shed tear and had memories. Then when I got past the chemestry part of
the book, I found the part about very very hard to lose weight by jogging and eating less is hard.
I was serious about losing weight while jogging.

I have been walking since September of 2003. I figured if my son could go to school daily, then I
could walk. Jogging was too hard back then. Well I walked around 3 miles a day. % days a week.
Now I am jogging 5 days a week but the jog is between 30 and 45 minutes. 1.5 to 2 miles of jogging
and another mile sometimes in walking. mostly just the jog.

Now I have picked up karate class with my son. I could tell a gigantic difference in my ability to do 75
jumping jacks. I know that 6 months ago, when I was just walking and getting over smoking, that I
couldn't of done this.

I am very happy with jogging. My plan now is to speed my jog slowly while adding a few more steps
every couple of days.

Thanks for helping me understand a little better about jogging and our body.
I would like to read more of your work.

Have a magnificent weekend!

Thanks to all of you ... and all the others.

Winni Muehlbauer