Hey! Jogging is easy!

You've seen it all before: first you get all excited about something, then a short
while later the balloon pops and the excitement is gone.
What happened? Let's
take a closer look at the word, excitement."Excitement is an upsurge of psychic energy,
a state of elation in which a person seems to transcend himself or herself through joyous
enthusiasm. It is a joyful and concentrated state of mind in which one partakes of, or
commits oneself to, an object that appears valuable in and of itself." You probably also
know the familiar turns of speech, "I got all excited," or "a storm of excitement broke
loose." The storm even comes with wind and waves - "gusts of excitement" and "waves
of excitement." Let's take an example. Two girlfriends meet. Hardlyhave they sat down
than one of them blurts out, "You won't believe the guy I just met, I'm so excited about
him!" Well, well, so she's really all excited. And how do you think the story ends? Quite a
bit differently than if she had leaned over and whispered, "You know, I think I've fallen in love."

Leaving the two girls to their whispering, let's return to the weather. The storm
has gone, the wind and waves have subsided.
And the excitement? It, too, will
disappear when the storm has passed. Gone. Over and done with. No more excitement.
And what does that tell us? Excitement comes of its own accord and burns like tinder.

To achieve anything or move up in the world, it's not enough to be excited. Only
after you've put firewood on the tinder - only after you done something concrete
- will the fire keep burning, bright, strong, and warm.
By tending the fire you can
make the flames leap higher and higher, ever skyward. Now, and only now, do you feel
passion grip you. Passion doesn't come on its own.The glow of excitement has to be turned
into flame.

So let the flames flicker. Get the fire crackling before you set out to reach your goal.
Burn your obstacles and initial hang-ups in the flames
. Then, and only then, will there
be nothing to stop you. You will remain determined, nothing and no one will be able to distract
you. Grab your goal by the collar,shake it, and don't let go of it until you get there. You must
feel the fire burning within you when you set out to run. Before long you'll be running with a

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