Power of the Promise

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Beloved granddaughter, you were in my mind ever since the ship left New York, and I know why. They are just the age I was - two months short of your twentieth birthday - when dad John and I were married 50 years ago. But this is what happened on board this morning, which led me to our cabin to write to you.

Today, a program of events for our eyes closed: 11:00: Renewal of marriage vows; Archdeacon Robert Willing, the Yacht Clu

Fiftieth anniversary seemed a great thing. Couples face each other and the answer "yes" votes traditional. Kerlin, of course, my mind went to a call at a time, and I had a Christmas. I said I would have chosen the Queen Elizabeth 2 a trip, because he was his namesake, Queen Elizabeth, the way in Europe in 1947, Pope John and I met for the first time. "We fell in love and were married in Switzerland, only four months later," I said. And you said: "I could fall in love with, sometimes, the Great, but I never make the wedding!" I understand that reaction, Kerlin partnerships with both liquids today. I remember telling me, rather sadly, when you were in grade school, that all your friends there in Nashville had two Christmases - one with his mother, a father.

The Rev. Robert Willing ex-wife has called us to take a message to young people today. Can we really, I wonder? May experience means something now? So much has changed! In 1947, you traveled by boat because it was how you came to Europe. You got married because it was the way two people in love can live together. Today the ship is an option - traditional and romantic - but you can go where you go faster and cheaper by air. Apparently you can get everything that marriage offers faster and less expensive too. So why get married? What makes marriage different from living with a significant other? Most marriages, we have seen recently was among the couples who have lived together for years. When they take the formal step of marriage, does make a difference? I think so, and I think that change is just the fact of promise.

The promises are scary things. To prevent means renouncing part of our freedom, to break the luxury of losing a part of our integrity. Although we have today, the promises are tomorrow - and the only thing we know for sure is that tomorrow will not know anything for sure!

It is not just the outside world, which is converted into a pre-unexpected way, is in itself. Every new experience - new tasks, new contacts - Change your point of view.

There is something that makes promises between two people more and more risky: Your partner is constantly changing as well. In a letter years ago to my grandmother, I wrote: "On the boat today, I met an Army veteran who heads the University of Geneva, just like me!" The veteran, of course, was Papa John, and through the years I continued to meet him. Different ages, different stages - there is always someone new.

Your grandfather wrote about his struggle with alcohol, then you know how these were difficult times for us. And I'm sure he did not expect to become a nurse, housekeeper and only working parents of three small children when I went into clinical depression.

However, these traumas, the enormous growth and joy at last. And the reason, I think power is the promise. The force is the promise that keeps partners together when the going gets tough, healing, intimacy and deep love. If we fall in and out of relationships, not to stay long enough to allow these good things happen.

Do not be afraid, Kerlin, if you fall in love all day, so that the permanent commitment. Two of you do not sail alone!

With love from us, the Grand

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