Hey! Jogging is easy!

Winni Mühlbauer - Trail Run Diessen 2014 - Finish sportfoto

All the great success stories in history were achieved with a special frame of
mind: passion.
It was this euphoric strain that allowed Abraham Lincoln to become
President of the United States although he only had one year of schooling. Passion
constantly drove him to new heights, helping him to overcome all difficulties along the way.
We, too, can make use of this source of strength latent within us, especially when we have
to overcome seemingly insur mountable obstacles, so it's worth lingering on this topic for a
while. I think I can offer a few new thoughts that may astonish you. But judge for yourself.

Perhaps no one has ever put it to you so bluntly before, but from the moment this
force takes hold of you there is nothing, but nothing, you can't do.
There's no stopping
passion, and that applies to a passion forjogging as well. So what if it's raining. You splash
through the puddles to arrive home spattered with mud, you toss your gear in the general
direction of the washing machine, having rediscovered the world of rain afresh. Now you know
what it's like when you, and not the weather, control your own life. The days of your childhood
will come back to you, the days when you were always outdoors, no matter whether it was
raining in buckets or as cold as ice. This is the sort of carefree attitude that will creep back
into your life. Or maybe your muscles ache. They won't bother you for long. On the contrary,
those aches will disappear after the first two weeks of running - unfortunately. This "unfortunately"
is not ironic. You will find that you miss these mildly painful muscular contractions yourself, no
kidding. The reason is quite simple. For two weeks they patted you approvingly on the shoulder,
saying "Good work! Now you're getting a move on!" It feels good, andit lets you know you're on
the road to success, that you're freeing yourself from the clutches of laziness.

But let's return to passion. What's behind it? What's its secret? Many people use the
word, but hardly anyone uses the energy behind it.

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