5 Romantic Gifts to Surprise Her on Your Wedding Night

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The wedding night is one of the most important part of one’s life. It’s a night full of aspiration, hope, love, desire and anticipations for a sweet future ahead. To make this moment special pack something surprising for her. It needn’t be something too large, too expensive but rather it should show your love towards her.

1. Sparkle her eyes

Jewelry still remains the best part of the gift. If you are going for jewelry then what could be better than a pear shaped diamond ring. It symbolizes passion and energy. The rings are believed to enhance relationship and the inner strength. Whatever the myths, but a pear shaped diamond ring will surely bring a sparkling smile on her face. You can do some creative things with the diamond ring like engraving yours and your spouse’s initials on the ring. Romantic isn’t it!

Pear shaped diamond rings could be best but you could also go for other alternatives. She will not be able to resist the vivacity of the pair of diamond earrings or the sleek beautiful red ruby pendent. You can also show up some creativity with the gift.

2. Show her the power of words

Don’t underestimate the power of the words. Give her a wedding card telling her how happy you are to get her as your wife. Or you could also opt for a beautiful handwritten letter to express your feelings.

You can also try to write a romantic poem for her. Tell her how much she means to you and how much you love her. Telling the feelings at the wedding night is something that she could cherish all along her life.

3. Tell her the three magical words

Telling her how much you love her on the wedding night could be the most promising thing for your future life and relationship. Telling “I love you”is not a big deal but you could make it more attractive and memorable by using your own creative ideas.

4. Fragrance and flowers

Flowers still are the best. Put a single rose on the pillow with a note saying “I love you” or you could fill your entire room with the blood red roses. Perfume remains another appreciable gift. Choose a fragrance that is soft, sweet and sensible. Avoid using hard or strong fragrances. Blend the effect of fragrance and flowers together to create the breathtaking effect in your honeymoon suit. Select the flower and fragrances according to the likes and dislikes of your wife.

5. Give her something to cherish sweet memories

Find something that could help her preserving sweet and tender moments of your married life. For instance, you can gift her beautiful picture album with photos of your Engagement Shoot with a personalized message written by you in your own hand writing. You could also gift her a memory box so that she would keep the memorable things from your romantic life with herself always. This is a gift that’ll never grow old and whenever you look at it, you will cherish the romantic and tender moments you spent with your wife.

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