Hey! Jogging is easy!

Winni Mühlbauer - Trail Run Diessen 2014

Hi! Here I am, smack in the middle of your snug corner. I'm afraid you're not getting
rid of me too quickly either. In fact, we're keeping each other company for the next
six months.
We'll chat, and every now and again we'll go jogging together. Since an awful lot
of people give up in frustration at the very start, I'm going to concentrate on what it takes to
get started. I won't let you out of my sight at this difficult stage, and you can always hit me
with your questions - I'll try to answer them all. But there's something else you shouldknow.
This book is different from many other jogging guides. It is written for everybody, male and
female, not just for the young sprites with ideal body weights who have no trouble taking
uprunning one day and being in top shape the next.

This book is meant for all those who aren't quite as young as they used to be and
who have perhaps put on a few unwanted pounds.
The very next chapter will show
you where you can get the strengthto start running, to keep on running - and, racing ahead
in my story,how this strength could change your life. For you will gain an attribute that may
even be worth its weight in gold. It will help you to remove obstacles, not only to jogging, but
to your other personal or professional goals as well. If none of this interests you, or if you're
more inclined to say "I'm no letting that pest into the house", then simply put this book back
on the shelf.

Okay, so you're sure you'd like to start running one day. Great! We'll be having some
good times together - and believe me, there won't be a dull moment so long as I'm
But what exactly do you need to get you moving? What is the spark that will light up
the fire that's always been there, inside you? What does it take to make you realize just how
successful you can be? Because it's no small achievement to be able to run effortlessly for
an hour at the end of six months. And please, no false modesty is called for: success is success.

Next Chapter 1.1. Come along, just follow me!