Is Sexting Cheating? – the Source of Pain

Submitted by: Joey Maldonado

As more and more relationships are breaking every day, one question which is gaining prominence all over the world is, “Is sexting cheating?” Several arguments can be put through but the right and the best method of finding out the truth is to find out the cause or the source of pain that wraps up the individuals. Now this may be a little complicated to understand but as per the experts, it is necessary to evaluate each aspect properly. A failure to evaluate properly will lead to distorted meaning and the truth behind the screen cannot be identified. Sexting can revolve around both emotional as well as physical aspects and hence, both of them require evaluation. The sad fact about sexting is that it generally ends up with both. Let us evaluate both the aspects individually.

Physical Aspect: If sexting goes extreme, simple messages involving sexual talks and exchange of semi-nude or nude photos can very well end up with a complete sexual relationship. So, if your partner is involved in such a discreet physical relationship with someone else, sexting will essentially mean complete loss of faith and exclusivity over your partner physically. This event will no doubt be cheating because, you partner is involved in a sexual relation outside the boundaries of your relationship where he or she shares physical intimacy with someone else, which was otherwise your right!
Emotional Aspect: This is far more difficult in terms of explanation and evaluation. This is because of the fact that your partner may not be directly involved in a discreet physical relationship. However, the text messages or online communication cannot be ruled out as a possible beginning of a discreet relationship which may end up with the sharing of physical intimacy. However, before that stage is reached, your partner will be involved in sharing secrets and fantasies with someone else, which he or she should have shared with you. This is undoubtedly an emotional loss, which can only be conjectured as the beginning or the foundation stone of a bigger picture where there is a possibility of complete loss in which your partner can end up sharing a physical intimacy not with you but with someone else. So, is “is sexting cheating?” From, emotional perspective, it is!

The reasons are simple! Even though your partner is not involved in discreet sex, you have the fear of losing in physically as well while you have already lost him or her emotionally. This is an emotional trauma because it violates the boundaries of your steady relationship. Your partner is supposed to be loyal to you share all his or her fantasies and secrets with you. This puts a crack in the relationship and inflicts pain because your partner channels all his/her emotional resources like attention, love etc. towards the sexter.

Hence, if tomorrow you find your partner involved with a sexter, you need to take special care of the situation because, the answer to your question, “is sexting cheating?” is affirmative and you cannot ignore even one single message – remember it might just be the beginning.

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