Catching a Cheater With These 9 Signs

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Do you think your partner is cheating on you? If so, he or she shouldn’t get away with it and there are signs that will be displayed that makes catching a cheater a rather easy act. You just have to know what to look for and look for them. This doesn’t mean you should become paranoid and think that the tiniest sign is an indicator that you are being cheated on, but, usually, more than one sign or definitive proof, at that, will determine whether or not you are truly being cheated on.

The following are 9 tips and signs to help you in catching a cheater so that you don’t have to put up with it if you don’t want to:

1. Know the cheating signs that include suddenly opening a post office box without saying a word, cigarette smoke smell when your partner doesn’t smoke, clothes smell of perfume or cologne, turns off cell phone when with you, and pieces of paper with phone numbers or addresses.

2. Check cellular phone bills and credit card bills. Cheaters usually leave a paper trail of some kind even if they believe they are being careful. If you suddenly find your partner making an effort to get the mail each day when that is not characteristic of him or her, then you know they are trying to hide something.

3. Computer usage changes, such as using the computer privately. Catching a cheater can be even easier if you know to look at chat histories. If histories with certain people are deleted and not deleted on others, then something is being hidden. You may also notice a loss of interest in sex or a change in sleep patterns, which is an indicator of cyber sex.

4. Look at tax returns and see if there are any unexplained travel expenses and review bank statements for unexplained debits. If you see an increase in ATM withdrawals when your significant other is more apt to use their debit card, then it is possible that there are some expenses he or she doesn’t want tracked.

5. Look at car mileage. If the mileage is much more than going to a certain friend’s house and back or to work and back, then that is an indicator that he or she is going elsewhere. If there is a denial of any side trips, then something is being hidden.

6. You will notice behavioral changes that include joining a gym or tanning salon, a sudden hairstyle change, buys new underwear, wears cologne or perfume more often, constant distraction or daydreaming, wants to know what you’re doing more often than usual, more frequent bathing, does own laundry, and buys new clothes.

7. Household chores and other responsibilities go ignored. If this time is replaced by Internet time or simply not being home, then this is an indicator something is wrong.

8. More work functions are being attended alone, your partner is frequently unavailable at work, comes home later than usual, and work hours are abnormal.

9. Your partner is suddenly being nicer to you and buying you more gifts. It has been known for years that a man buying a woman flowers for no reason is an indicator that he has done something wrong. A woman is more likely to buy her man a random gift than a man is for his woman.

While catching a cheater can be a painful situation to have to endure, it can be in one’s best interest to know that they are being cheated on. Not only is it a matter of the heart, but also a matter of health because catching a cheater could be the difference between contracting an STD and being healthy. Most of all, it gives you the opportunity to move on with your life and find someone who will treat you right or to work on the problems within your relationship in order to save it.

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